From written tests



Ze hadden haar twee keer vastgezet (gevangenis) - They had tied her up twice


Ze mochten niet in beroep gaan - They were not allowed to go in occupation


Ze werd voor haar neus doodgeschoten - She was shot for her nose


I am looking forward to go biking through the lake.


They are doing so difficult


A very good plan to become their permission


A possibility to write me in for an organised holiday


I thought that it maybe possible is for me for register me in an organised holiday


I came on this idea


It likes me violent to go for a ride ensemble with my friends


Internet sites with pleasure information for me (he was asking for sites with useful information for a holiday)


A cloudcrabber (wolkenkrabber=skyscraper)


A beast of bagage (lastdier=beast of burden)


A elephant stick his slark through the trails (zijn slurf door de tralies=his trunk through the bars)



Your own bloopers - part 3

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