Said during literature exams



Since we don't want to harm any student's career before it has actually started no names are included


Lenny is feedle-minded (Of Mice and Men)


She goes behind it (she tries to get the information)


Teacher: did you enjoy reading this book? Student : I think well


I couldn't catch it very good (he didn't understand the book)


Teacher: what kind of book is it? Student: It's a love roman


Teacher: Who are the main characters in the Boys from Brazil ? Student: Melenge and Leibermueller (Mengele and Lieberman)


He's very pride


They put out their gloves. (They took off their gloves)


He suicided himself


It's the ship who has crashed


A tatouated man


He walks after him the way out


If he could till it up


They cannot against sunlight (the Trolls in the Hobbit)


They will fart to France with the ship


His arse is thrown over the bridge (The Bridges of Madison County: someone's ashes are strewn from a bridge)


On the end of the book ...


There is attacking a dragon his kingdom


Shields of hold (wooden shields)


It was not a difficult book. The red line was to follow.


He has a stride with a fish (Old man and the Sea)


He eats flying fishes, dolphins and tunas


They could not with him go to sail


She felt unpretty to leave (she didn't want to leave)


There were cloned 34 Hitler clones (Boys from Brazil)


He is a blank writer


There was one student who had read King Liar by Shakespeare


He overlived it all


I don't come up the words


He was sad because of the dying of his woman


There stood California (student tried to say that the book mentioned California)


They going on gold-seeking


They starved from hunger


A mutery is broke out (there was a mutiny)


A knife is being stuck through him from the back


Teacher: What is the detective's name in this novel Student: Sherlock Poirot





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