Overall in the house are water


These people were not very brainful (not very clever)


He dies the head (he kills the leader)


When they come in the light they get stoned ( about trolls in 'The Hobbit'. They turn into stone in daylight.)


They have dead him. (killed him)


They swim over water


They're inning false cheques


He fell in a valley. (he fell into a pit)


She thinks she is the middlepoint of everything


teacher: "Did you like the story?" student: "nein!"


He rapes her and that is not a pleasant thing.


Sorry sir, but I can't come up the words.


Toothstickers (toothpicks)


The mystery in this book speaks to me (appeals to me)


He has crime done, he hasn't behave himself


She arrive there but her mother liven't there anymore


I'm sorry but I only know how to say it in the Netherlands.


teacher: "Do you know where this story (The bridges of Madison county) takes place?" student: "Yes, In Iowa, in England"


They're playing incest. (about 'Flowers in the attic')


He's in a wheelcar (wheelchair)


in Alabamba (from "to kill a mockingbird which is set in Maycomb, Alabama)


teacher: "What kind of book is it?" student: "it's not a roman." (he tried to explain it was a play)


She tried to kill herself with a mess


teacher: "What kind of book is it?" student: "It's a boring book."


She jumped into an empty lake (???)


She leaved her advocate (she left her lawyer)


They live in no-good conditions


Every chapter there's another things happen


They talk too many



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